Frequently Asked Questions:

A: No, the land on which our Flats or Villa projects in Kottayam are built, ongoing or proposed, bear no financial liability or project loan from any bank or institution or individual.
A: Yes, we have obtained the ‘Encumbrance-free’ certificate from the authorities concerned for the land on which our flats or villas are constructed, launched or ongoing. Moreover, all our newly launched or ongoing projects are registered with the Kerala Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA).
A: Our flats or villa projects in Kottayam are approved by all major banks, including HDFC, SBI, and Federal Bank, and loans can be obtained from these banks subject to the terms and conditions of the respective bank and your income.
A: Prospect Buyers, or any person/s deputed by them, are most welcome to visit the site on which flats or villas being constructed or proposed in Kottayam. It would be helpful if an appointment is made by calling us at +91 90 61 78 00 00 or +91 81 29 45 88 00.
Step 1: The first thing to do is to finalize on the villa type and plot number of your choice from the plot layout plan available at the website. If you need any clarifications on this, please talk directly to us at +91 90 61 78 00 00 or +91 81 29 45 88 00.
Step 2: If you are residing abroad, we welcome you to depute someone to have a site visit to confirm the villa type and plot number. We shall hand over brochures and explain all the details. Please call +91 90 61 78 00 00 or +91 81 29 45 88 00 for a site visit.
Step 3: Once the plot and villa type are finalized, please book the plot by remitting the booking fee of Rs.200,000/- (Rupees two lakhs). Once the booking fee is received, we shall issue the receipt and confirmation letter, informing that the particular plot on which the villa is to be constructed is booked in your name.
Step 4: The next step is the registration of sale deed (Adhaaram) in your name. On payment of the cost of the land, the plot shall be registered in your name, and you become the absolute owner of the plot. At the time of registration of the sale deed (Adhaaram), a Construction Agreement must also be signed which shall incorporate the terms of paying the cost of the construction of the villa.
Step 5: We start the construction work of the villa, and payments have to be made at various stages according to the work in progress. If home loan is availed, the Bank shall make the payments after monitoring each stage of the construction. Please refer to Payment Schedule on this site for payment break down details.
A: Under standard conditions, our villas in Kottayam shall be completed and handed over within 12 months of obtaining building permit in buyer’s name. The Construction Agreement will also specify the date of completion.
A: No, but it would be better if you are here at the time of registration of the land. If you are unable to come, you’re welcome to depute someone residing here to monitor the process. The first page of the sale deed shall be sent to your overseas address by courier for your thumb impression. The Construction Agreement shall also be sent along for your signature.
A: Yes, land and villa can be co-owned by husband & wife, children, etc.
A: Newsletters with photographs shall be mailed/sent to all owners on a periodic basis on every stage of construction of villas or flats in Kottayam.
A: The buyer can appoint any qualified person to check on all matters pertaining to construction as the work progresses on a periodic basis. We assure the highest quality standards at every stage of the construction work. The exact brand, type or make of the materials, fittings, accessories, etc., will be clearly mentioned in the Construction Agreement. Deviations, if any, will be made only after written consent or authorization by the end Customer.
A: No! They’re shown merely to help you visualize the rooms of the building in a better way. Our Sale Price does not include these items. However, they can be provided at an extra cost.
A: You can avail up to 80% of construction cost as home loan. Please visit the ‘BANK LOAN’ page on this website for more details.
A: Kerala falls in Zone III according to the seismic classification of earthquake areas in terms of intensity. The structural design of each villa is in such a way that the security and the seismic protection far exceeds the level specified for Zone III.
A: Within one year of handing over the Villas, a Society/Association of Villa Owners shall be formed. This association will look after all routine day to day affairs, salary of security and cleaning staff, general maintenance of common areas, etc. The common maintenance amount should be paid each month by the Villa Owners whether they occupy the villa or not. This amount is currently Rs. 2000/ Rs.2500 per month depending upon the size of the villa or apartment projects. Each Owner will have to pay a one-time maintenance deposit to make a corpus fund, and the bank interest earned on this deposit will be utilized for routine maintenance like re-painting of common area, etc.
A: The following payments are included in the monthly maintenance amount. 1. Salary for Caretaker/Security personals /Cleaning staff. 2. Common electricity bill for street lights, water pumps and other common amenities. 3. Replacement of bulbs in common areas. 4. Maintenance and up-keeping of GYM equipment, water purification systems, pumps, waste disposal equipment, etc. 5. Maintenance of landscape in common area. 6. Maintenance of lifts, fire-fighting equipment, and sewage treatment plants (for apartment projects).
A: The Society will be formed at a Meeting of the Villa Owners where a President, a Secretary, a Treasurer, and a Managing Committee shall be elected by the owners, and they will be in complete charge of all maintenance work relating to the complex. They shall hold office for a specified period, after which there will be regular elections.
A: Taxes to be paid with each installment:
1. GST
B: Taxes to be paid on completion of the villa:
1. Onetime Building Tax
2. Annual Municipal Tax
3. Workers Welfare Cess (onetime payment)
C: Other deposits and expenses to be paid on completion/handing over of Villa:
1. Electricity Board deposits and the expenses for 3-phase electrical connection, proportionate share of transformer and cabling up to the Villa.
2. Proportionate expenses for water connection, master water tank and treatment plant.
3. Expenses of obtaining municipal building number, completion certificate and assessment of municipal tax.
4. Deposits towards Owners’ Association.
(These are the normal, standard payments that apply to all Villa and Apartment projects. We, at KCC HOMES, have strived to keep these costs down to the minimum possible, and our rates are most reasonable by comparison.)
A: No! KCC HOMES has always been Kottayam’s “own builder”! We understand every nook and corner of Kottayam, and we have our undivided attention and sharp focus on providing the best living space solutions at Kottayam at a reasonable price. Whatever be the market demands – Villas in Kottayam, flats in Kottayam, Luxury Villas in Kottayam, Apartments in Kottayam, Premium Villas in Kottayam– KCC HOMES, one amongst the best Builders in Kottayam, has the most suitable supply solution at a reasonable price!

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