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Luxury lifestyle starts with a luxury home

Team KCC

KCC Homes is the vision fulfilment of P.V. George, a retired government chief engineer based in Kottayam. Following his guidelines, Vakkachan George, built on his vision by adding more professionalism and creativity into the mix. It is his commitment to quality and insistence on reasonable pricing that has made KCC Homes extremely popular among NRIs returning to settle in their home town Kottayam. He leads a team of architects, engineers and construction experts who share his unfailing values of modernity, honesty and transparency.

Your home is a one-time investment. Let it be one of a kind


Everyone deserves a house of luxury.


Build luxurious living spaces with modern amenities at the lowest possible cost ensuring long-term safety and comfort.

Commitment KCC HOMES

We promise you quality, and we’ll deliver it, even at the cost of our profit.

One Project, One Team

All KCC projects are designed by Kerala’s renowned architects. A dedicated team of professionals and sub-contractors are deployed for each KCC project.
Their constant involvement, workmanship and supervision ensure quality at every stage of the construction.

KCC Quality Checklist

1. All concreting work (RCC) shall be done with not less than a cement content of 350kg (7 bags) per cubic meter.
2. Only ISI steel shall be used for concreting. All the structures, whether flat or villa, shall be structurally designedby a reputable structural consultant.
3. Properly washed and tested M Sand shall be used for all concreting works.
4. The water-cement ratio of concrete shall be kept to a bare minimum with the use of admixture; thereby increasing the life of structure to a great extent.
5. Fresh cement from the factory, packed within 21 days of manufacturing, shall be used for concrete.
6. All concrete portions shall be cured properly.

Come for a look-see

While the construction of your KCC flat or villa is going on, the client or his representatives are welcome to visit the site, check the quality of the materials being used, and assess the progress of the work.

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